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AMBIENCE HOME DESIGN: CRAFTING DREAMS WITH HOLISTIC EXCELLENCE – In the sun-kissed coastal haven of Marbella, Spain, where the Mediterranean breeze whispers through luxurious spaces, Ambience Home Design serves as a symbol of unmatched design brilliance. With a dynamic focus on residential and commercial projects spanning Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Ambience transcends the ordinary, turning spaces into curated environments that exude culture, drama, and timeless beauty. As the PullCast Blog delves into the essence of Ambience, it becomes clear that designing a property is not just a profession for them but a passionate journey of transforming houses into true homes.

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© Ambience Home Design

Andrea Böck: The Mind Behind Ambience Home Design

© Ambience Home Design

At the helm of Ambience Home Design is Andrea Böck, a German-born interior designer and curator whose creative genius has made Ambience the leading interior design firm on the Coast since its inception in 2002. Andrea’s discerning taste for contemporary and luxurious interiors has not only set Ambience apart but has also propelled the firm to international acclaim.


Her creative eye and attention to detail, coupled with an unwavering passion for décor and refurbishment projects, form the beating heart of Ambience. Andrea’s wealth of experience, acquired through years of dedication to the field, has been instrumental in the firm’s global success and expansion. Since 2002, Andrea has been entrusted with luxury projects in prestigious locations such as the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Morocco, Italy, Hong Kong, and St. Lucia. Ongoing collaborations with renowned architects and developers in Spain and beyond showcase the enduring impact of Andrea’s vision.


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A Team With A Common Goal

© Ambience Home Design

Ambience’s international in-house team is not merely a collective of creative minds but a symphony of talent dedicated to turning dreams into reality. From knowledgeable and motivated designers and architects to a robust logistic and installation team, the common goal is clear: to meet strict deadlines while meticulously overseeing project management, from the initial building phase to the placement of the last piece of furniture.


Karpa Cabinet Handle

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The Ambience Proposal

© Ambience Home Design

Ambience’s philosophy revolves around a holistic approach to design. To create properties that clients dream of and desire, they believe in the common development and exploration of tastes, preferences, and functional requirements. Intelligent use of space, ingenious solutions to challenges, and spotless quality and craftsmanship define their commitment to making every house a true home.


In crafting these dream spaces, Ambience solely networks with highly skilled professionals and carefully selects suppliers and subcontractors, providing a solid and trustworthy platform to work from.

Ambience’s success is rooted in a set of key principles that define its corporate culture:

Honesty and Integrity: The heart and soul of Ambience, held to impeccable moral standards.

Commitment: Placing the customer at the core of actions and proudly upholding promises.

Quality: Ensuring the highest product quality and delivering exceptional customer service.

Safeguarding of Employment: Valuing skilled, flexible employees with initiative and innovation for the future.

Innovation and Creativity: Striving to set trends and staying at the forefront of design evolution.

Growth: Expanding the product portfolio and venturing into new market areas for a promising future.


Coralo Drawer Handle

Coralo Drawer Handle | PullCast

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With Andrea Böck‘s visionary leadership and a team passionate about their craft, Ambience Home Design continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury interior design, one masterpiece at a time. Hence, we will continue to closely follow the ongoing endeavors of Ambience, as their commitment to innovation and excellence will continue to shape the landscape of luxury interior design.



From sunny Marbella to the world, Ambience Home Design has been developing great-looking interiors that fairly illustrate its philosophy and holistic approach. Stay in tune with the PullCast Blog, and we promise we will keep sharing the studios and firms that inspire us every day. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow PullCast on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram for updates.

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