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Brand New Products In Stock

Brand New Products In Stock
Brand New Products In Stock  Wonder through the most exciting jewelry hardware designs and choose your own favorite piece! Explore newly added stock uniquely for you!
As artists, PullCast is dedicated to crafts and surrounded by craftsmen with great expertise, passionate about their art and your art. A true atelier, in search of the most high-quality materials and processes, to translate exquisiteness and exceptionality to jewelry.
Brand new products in stock - summer hardware

They dedicate their time to making unique pieces with the best techniques to guarantee the most exquisite pieces for you.
Discover here the new products in stock.

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Brand New Products In Stock




 Brand new products in stock- skyline cm3050

Brand new products in stock - discover the handle

For any major metropolis, beauty is a precious backdrop even to appreciate things from afar. Skylines are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like our furniture door and drawer handles, create a silhouette when set in context.  With a new geometric shape, this drawer handle has a mid-century feel, a mix that exudes functionality and luxury, creating strong and amazing interiors.





 Brand new products in stock- baruka cm3044

Brand new products in stock- discover

Baruka is a cultural manifest, a perfect reflection of a thousand of years old legacy, an ode to Japan. Made of brass, Baruka represents culture, customs, and values, becoming a modern and strong door pull to embellish your entryway decor.





 Brand new products in stock- jalo

Jalo is inspired by the Green bean plants and their amazing form varieties, that grow long vines. Jalo appears in a spectrum of colors: green, purple, red, yellow, and streaked varieties. Coming in perfect sizes, shapes, textures, and earthy tonesJalo hardware accessorize elegantly any cabinet, drawer, and door design.

 Brand new products in stock- multibrand



Brand new products in stock- kesya door pull 

 Brand new products in stock- discover

PullCast inspiration was drawn from the very uneven texture of the bark pine tree, known by its endless evergreen. Honoring the past and the roots but evoking prosperity, this distinguished door pull enables you to create a sculptural scheme in your interior designs.

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 Brand new products in stock- kesya




Brand new products in stock - skyline living room 


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