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New Bespoke Journey of Daring Craftsmanship at Salone Del Mobile  - Salone del Mobile has been the benchmark trade show for design and furniture brands to present their best achievements, curating an entire exhibition that best showcases their essence. Taking on a modern yet contemporary approach, PullCast premieres to the world a comprehensive range of brand-new designs across numerous collections.   



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Decorative Hardware Inspirations for Every Style and Taste!

New Bespoke Journey

  New Bespoke Journey PullCast acts as an inspirational and empowering brand that allows interior designers and homeowners to decorate their interiors with sublime details, and this year’s participation in Salone del Mobile proves why! The stand is divided into a series of highlights, including the debut of the Kids collection at an international design show. Hardware designs embellished in marble, as well as, sea-inspired handles will undoubtedly draw your eye, among countless other surprises that can be further explored in our virtual tour, if you don’t have the opportunity to see them in person.


A Handcrafted Performance

New Bespoke Journey

New Bespoke Journey On the stand, a live handcrafted performance is also one of the main focuses as the brand’s artisan, Rui Pinto showcases the process of designing and perfecting a handle. PullCast is a true art atelier that puts craftsmanship at the forefront. The brand’s creative team is always in search of high-quality materials and distinguished forms that translate refinement and rarity to our jewelry pieces.    


Hardware Variety

New Bespoke Journey

New Bespoke Journey With this new exhibition, the jewelry hardware brand wanted to provide variety and a sensational journey through the world’s most fascinating themes. This happens in the form of decorative hardware, some of which feature a more cultural-oriental focus while others have a more whimsical sense to them. As a whole, the stand highlights a series of panels and each one represents a focal point for PullCast. Below, you can learn more about each one and discover in more detail all the latest news about the brand!  


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Timeless Hardware in Marble

New Bespoke Journey

New Bespoke Journey Marble has always been one of the most sought-after materials mainly due to its distinctive form, versatility, and durability. This opulent material is heavily featured in PullCast’s newest designs. For instance, the new Hendrix and Quantum hardware of the Twist collection occupy an entire panel to denote the authentic crowning glory of each piece that is arranged in a symmetrical form.     

Bespoke Solutions

New Bespoke Journey

New Bespoke Journey Before being displayed, every piece goes through an extensive handmade process that consists of techniques, such as casting, welding, enameling, and polishing, among others, to give each piece an authentic aesthetic. As previously mentioned, PullCast also offers a handcrafted performance by master artisan, Rui Pinto to give visitors an idea of what the brand is all about. Moreover, many products are available in a series of customizable options. Something that becomes rather evident when exploring our stand as multiple bespoke demonstrations can be seen throughout.    

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