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TOP 2024 DECORATIVE TRENDS: THE HARDWARE EDITION – As the design community anticipates the trends that will shape the year ahead, PullCast, a trailblazer in decorative hardware, has curated an e-book that delves into our top 2024 decorative trends. This exclusive collection showcases a blend of timeless elegance and innovative designs, offering a glimpse into the future of interior decor. In this article, the PullCast Blog explores some of the key highlighted trends, providing insights into the inspirations and concepts that will dominate the world of interior design in 2024.

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All the hardware inspiration you need to start the new year!



PullCast, known for its timeless and refined hardware designs, releases a comprehensive range each year that seamlessly integrates with contemporary trends. Detailed in the e-book, you will find the elegantly crafted pieces that encapsulate the essence of 2024’s design landscape, inspiring those seeking to personalize their spaces with sublime design details.

Understated Elegance and Minimalism

Understated Elegance and Minimalism - Iké Drawer Handle

While extravagant details may have their moment, the e-book suggests that understated elegance will continue to play a significant role in 2024. Minimalism, characterized by simplicity and beauty, will remain a strong presence in interiors. PullCast’s Japandi-styled Iké and the nature-inspired Nile handles perfectly embody this trend with their curved and uncluttered aesthetic, emphasizing form and function.

Ergonomic Hardware

Ergonomic Hardware - Quantum Door Handle incorporated into drawer design

Ergonomics takes center stage in 2024, emphasizing the importance of functionality and tactile experience. PullCast’s Quantum handle from the Twist collection exemplifies this trend with its easy grasp and smooth touch, elevating the user experience. In a shift towards comfort over luxury, ergonomic designs are set to dominate the interior design landscape.

Golden with Hints of Black

Golden with Hints of Black

The dramatic color pairing of black and gold continues to captivate in 2024, adding excitement and timelessness to interior design. PullCast’s Clash lever, featuring polished brass and Nero Marquina marble, exemplifies the sophistication this combination brings to furniture and door designs. Expect to see more of this bold and luxurious color palette throughout the year.

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PullCast - The Best Moments of 2023 - A Symphony Of Success

Statements Everywhere, From Doors to Pulls

Statements Everywhere, From Doors to Pulls - PullCast Sonoran Door Pull - Katie Che

PHOTO: © Katie Che | Chelsea House Interiors

Oversized door pulls, with bold details and unique silhouettes, make a statement in interior design. PullCast offers a plethora of options, such as the Skyline and Sonoran pulls, allowing homeowners to introduce personality and drama into their spaces. The e-book showcases stunning examples, like the collaboration between Katie Che and Chelsea House Interiores, where stained glass and decorative hardware converge for high versatility.

Textural Beauty

Textural Beauty - Baruka Door Pull

Textured hardware adds drama and interest to interiors, bringing an edgier side to design. PullCast’s Baruka and Jalo designs, with their layered aesthetic, introduce textural beauty appealing to the touch, creating a distinctive dynamic within spaces.

Original in Style and Form

Original in Style and Form - Twig Door Pull by PullCast

PullCast thrives on finding unique inspirations, whether artistic, historical, or based on natural features. The brand prioritizes designs with meaning, focusing on style and form above all. The e-book guides readers through PullCast’s top decorative trends and the commitment to creating hardware pieces that stand out for their originality and craftsmanship, just like the magnificent Twig door pull.

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twist collection - FALL SALE FABULOUS: PULLCAST NEW ARRIVALS AT THE ONLINE STORE - macri cabinet handle by pullcast


Designs with a Historic Meaning

Designs with a Historic Meaning - Spear Door Pulls by PullCast

PullCast’s collection includes pulls and handles with historic value, paying homage to artistic movements like Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The Nouveau handles and Spear door hardware, inspired by ancient times, bring authenticity and nostalgia to modern homes, connecting spaces with stories of the past.

Nature-Inspired Hardware

Nature-Inspired Hardware - Kesya Door Pull

PHOTO: © JJ Acuna by Xu Liang Leon

The trend of bringing the outdoors indoors remains strong, with PullCast’s Earth collection capturing the beauty of nature. Designs like Kesya, inspired by the uneven textures of tree bark, add a touch of wonder and natural appeal to interiors.

Door Hardware: Levering with Elegance

Door Hardware: Levering with Elegance - Spear Door Lever & Skyline Door Lever

Door levers take on proportioned designs with a gracefully sculpted character. PullCast’s cosmopolitan-styled Skyline or Spear levers exemplify this trend, offering classic and contemporary options with architectural features and a textured nature.

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Putting the Spotlight on Personalization

Bespoke Design - PullCast has a bespoke service thay will make all your hardware dreams come true

PullCast has always prioritized bespoke design, transforming clients’ visions into luxurious realities. The brand’s masterful team of designers and creatives dedicates itself to crafting personalized solutions, ensuring that each piece tells a unique story.

In an era where individuality and self-expression are paramount, PullCast emphasizes customization and bespoke design. The e-book introduces readers to innovative programs tailored to customers’ needs and goes a step further, such as turning children’s artwork into one-of-a-kind handles and adding a playful and personal touch to hardware design.

Materials of Choice

Duorum Handles in aged brass

Marble and aged brass will emerge as standout materials in 2024, offering regal and vintage touches, respectively. PullCast’s Hendrix door pull, showcasing the beauty of marble and the allure of aged brass in designs like the Duorum handles, highlights the timeless elegance these materials bring to interiors.


The top 2024 decorative trends, as unveiled by PullCast, promise a year of elegance, innovation, and personalization in interior design. Whether embracing minimalist aesthetics, exploring ergonomic designs, or incorporating dramatic black and gold accents, PullCast’s e-book serves as a guide for those seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of decor. To explore these trends further and gain exclusive insights, PullCast invites readers to download the Top 2024 Decorative Trends e-book, offering a comprehensive exploration of the inspirations shaping the year ahead.

Timeless trends are the ones that can fixate elegance with their classic allure and are always a good strategy for creating atmospheres that will pass the test of time now and forever. Keep reading the PullCast Blog for more information regarding the enchanting world of jewelry hardware. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow PullCast on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram for updates!

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