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Materials & Finishes

The paramount of our ethos is to present a Standard Customization Luxury Service, to complement your unique architectural or interior design project.
Each unique masterpiece is handcrafted and hand-finished, and as such, product appearances may vary in color and texture, as well as the colors of the natural stones, from the images in the Catalogue.

For further information, please speak directly with a PullCast Brand Amabassador.

PullCast sets out the following materials as standard: Brass or Aluminium.

For standard finishes – Polished, Brushed or Aged Finishes, Gold Plated, Rose Gold, Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Black Nickel, Plated or Copper Plated Finishes. 

All our artwork can be complemented with a UV varnish coating or remain with a natural finish.


Stones & Crystals

The selection of Stones and Crystals is the first step towards crafting the jewelry hardware piece of your dreams. We are dedicated to perfectly complement our customers’ personality and style and with each stone, a unique and inimitable creation is made.

Guatemala is a beautiful emerald green stone that ads a touch of mid-century lux to any Design.

Nero Marquina is a beautiful black stone with stripes of white, adding texture and elegance to a hardware piece. The variety of quartz is white rose and black, with rough edges and texture that exudes wild and raw beauty.

Marble Estremoz is a kind of white marble quarried in Portugal, a special and truly traditional stone.

Swarovski crystals are one of the options that need no introduction to the luxury world of jewelry design, and zirconia a shiny and strong stone that adds sparkle and amazing detail to the hardware. 


Stones & Crystals

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