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2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!

2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!

2020 Bedroom Trends Are In! ⇒  If you're thinking about renovating your bedroom, now is the time to do it! With the 2020 Bedroom Trends already here, you have more than enough advice and guidance to successfully create the relaxing, comfortable and elegant bedroom of your dreams.


Industrial Style

2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!


Industrial bedrooms are going to be a major trend in 2020, especially those will the famous 'brick wall' look. If you don't want to commit to the style that much, opt for a few decor items that fit this aesthetic, such as lightbulb light fixtures.



2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!


Japandi is a mixture of the "Scandi" - or Scandinavian - and Japanese design styles, resulting in elevated minimalism that incorporates both natural materials, such as wood, and traditional Japanese design styles, such as tatami mattresses and silk pillows. This style grew popular in 2019 and it will become even bigger in 2020.


Blue Color Schemes

2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!


With Pantone announcing Classic Blue as their 2020 Color Of The Year, it's only normal that in the next year we'll be seeing a lot of blue-themed designs. Take this opportunity to add a few blue items to your bedroom, such as a new throw or ottoman.


Golden Hardware

2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!



If you're thinking of going with a Classic Blue-schemed bedroom, keep in mind that golden hardware, such as our Skyline Door Lever, complements this color the best. You can get the look at PullCast's Online Store.


Floral Patterns

2020 Bedroom Trends Are In!


Florals have been present in interior design for a while, but every year new patterns and colors are mixed to refresh bedrooms, and 2020 won't be any different. Choose the pattern you love the most and apply it to your bedroom wallpaper or bedding to fit right into this trend.


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