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2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here! ⇒ As the number of remote workers grows, homeowners are investing in home offices where they can concentrate and feel motivated. It's time to create or update your own home office, and what better way to do so that with the new 2020 trends? Let's take a look at them!


Bold Wall Colors

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!


Nevermind accent walls, for 2020 it's either bold or nothing. Painting a whole room in a color you wouldn't normally use will show you have a keen eye for design and are not afraid of showing it.


Warm Tones

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!


The cold shades that shined in 2019 are being replaced for warmer tones in 2020. Take this opportunity to choose a new paint color or to add a few decor items in brown, beige and earthy shades.


European-Inspired Design

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!


LUXXU's office furniture is all-kinds European, from its' metal edges to the sloped arms of its' chairs, while maintaining a luxurious and professional style that is sure to increase productivity and comfort while working.


Gold and Copper Hardware Finishes

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!


Gold-toned finishes, such as the one from PullCast's Nouveau Drawer Handle, are a compelling trend that adds richness and depth to office furniture. These shades are the most versatile and can complement both light and dark furniture, granting a more formal touch to any office. Don't forget to visit our Online Store and enjoy the 20% Black Friday Discount on all items!


Art Deco

2020 Home Office Trends Are Here!


The French Modern and Art Decor design styles are making a comeback in 2020, as well as the conjugation between vintage and modern, so stock up on a few art deco furniture and decor pieces to add into your office design.


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