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Clé de Maison Awards Winner Project With PullCastClé de Maison is an interior design company in Vilnius, Lithuania. They create a vision for a person's life, designing spaces for different scenarios, lifestyles, and emotions to unfold and bloom. Today we will show you how PullCast adorns them award-winning project!

Every project is carried out to the smallest detail, so when the keys are turned over, the client can enjoy life in their new home right away.


Clé de Maison Awards Winner Project With PullCast



International Design And Architecture Awards


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Rooftop-apartment-cle-de-maison-PullCast HENDRIX DOOR PULLS TW5009 | KESYA DOOR PULLS EA1009

In 2021, Clé de Maison was nominated for the International Design And Architecture Awards in the category Best Design Scheme in Europe, wining with this Blue Rooftop Apartment project, where PullCast shines through the stunning hardware pieces that adorn this place.

This rooftop apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania, is dominated by lightness, light, refined elements, and lines of modern style. A perfect balance between eclectic, modern classic, and timeless design.


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Image Courtesy of Clé De Maison - HENDRIX DOOR PULLS TW5009

For this awards winner project, the interior design company chose two very different pieces. At the first sight, we can see the bedroom doors elegantly adorned with PullCast's Hendrix door pull, a mid-century-inspired piece that blends perfectly with the room's ambiance.


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Clé de Maison project with Hendrix hardware from PullCast HENDRIX DOOR PULLS TW5009






Brand Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware Image Courtesy of Clé De Maison - KESYA DOOR PULLS EA1009

The result of all the hard work was an inspiring interior. Layered with intriguing textures & materials, bold colors, sophisticated finishes, and details.

In the Master bedroom, we can find our special pieces, the Keysa door pulls. This piece is inspired by the very irregular texture of pine bark, known for its infinite greenery. These distinct hardware pieces allow you to create a sculptural pattern in your furniture projects.

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Clé de Maison project with Kesya hardware from PullCast KESYA DOOR PULLS EA1009






Clé de Maison is also one of the PullCast resellers! You can find these and other unique hardware pieces through them.


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