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Interior design, as fashion always evolving, but also coming back to the same origins. When it comes to home decor and interior design, the owner’s personality must be strongly present, but it also must follow the trends, to be contemporary, modern, and adapt to the present’s lifestyle.
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With new season fashion trendsnew home trends are emerging. That’s the impute to home’s update, using what already exists, adapting it according to the trends, and adding some new pieces. Although 2020 was a challenging year, it brought more time to be at home, enjoying it and valuing it. Therefore, more time and money are and will be invested in making the most of each space.
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A mash-up of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian Simplicity, Japandi is the trend that brings together the best of both worlds. An interior design that combines simplicity, with clean lines and a subdued color palette, the word “Japandi” has been used to describe the fusion of both styles.
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Sugar Modular Sofa, the name says it all. A subtle modular sofa that resembles the sugar cubes used in your too-sweet coffee or tea. With an incredibly comfortable shape both in the upholstery and back, this is the right amount of flavor for your living room or foyer. With immense versatility, this neutral piece just hits the sweet spot.
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Less is more, the motto. Some key elements that make up this new trend, coziness, timeless materials like natural woods, the colors where monochromatic tones reign, and all hands-on craftsmanship as the main technique.

CovetED 20th - Trend Report, Japandi



CovetED 20th - Trend Report, Japandi
Cult Furniture, Roupell Set Of 3 Ceramic Vases White Dark Grey
CovetED 20th - Trend Report, Japandi
Huxford Grove Byron Sheepskin Beanbag Ash
Nedgis, Suspension Formakami
Nedgis, Suspension Formakami Jh3- blanc noir

Japandi is here to stay. It is too harmonious and timeless to be a mere passing fad. Clearly, Scandinavia and Japan are, despite their cultural differences, very close to each other when it comes to their sense of interior design and aesthetics. This fusion of styles shows how it can work perfectly.

 Birds At Full Moon mural

Wallsaucecom, Birds At Full Moon mural

Leven Drum Floor Light
Tom Raffield, Leven Drum Floor Light

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CovetED 20th - Trend Report, Japandi

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CovetED 20th - Trend Report, Japandi

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