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ELEGANT DRAWER HARDWARE SOLUTIONS – Drawer hardware is an essential aspect of luxury interior design. For concept designers, every aspect holds a lot more than a mere functional purpose. Hardware, for example, is an opportunity to represent the project theme and a strategy to add visual interest. Drawer handles, drawer kobs or drawer pulls: which ones fit your project? Each has unique characteristics that make them better suited for specific designs. PullCast Blog explores the differences between them and presents you with an elegant bunch of ready-to-ship solutions.

Elegant Drawer Hardware Solutions by PullCast

Elegant Drawer Hardware Solutions


Different Types For Different Interior Luxury Designs

Elegant Drawer Hardware Solutions by PullCast

Each interior design project has its specifications and the same can be stated about furniture. Due to shape, size, and function, convention states that a certain type of drawer hardware should be meant for a certain type of drawer. Drawer handles, drawer pulls, or drawer knobs: which one is more suitable for your project? Being aware of its characteristics may help you decide, but in the end, when creativity is at stake, don’t forget that some rules are made to be broken!

Drawer Knobs

Drawer knobs are the most common type of drawer hardware. They are attached to the drawer’s front with a single screw and are usually small in size, making them ideal for use in compact spaces or on smaller drawers. They provide a simple yet elegant touch to any piece of furniture and are often used in traditional designs. However, they can also be used in modern settings, depending on the design and material used.

Typically, they are round or square in shape. But, as you already know, when it comes to luxury hardware design, typical can sometimes be a little overrated! Bearing that in mind, PullCast provides classical and more exuberant hardware solutions, both exquisitely crafted and detail-oriented.


Karat Drawer Knob + Acorn Drawer Knob + Tiffany Marble Drawer Knob

Drawer Handles

Elegant Drawer Hardware Solutions by PullCast

Drawer handles are longer and more substantial than drawer knobs and are often used on larger drawers or cabinets. They are usually attached to the drawer with two screws and can come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of design projects. Drawer handles are more versatile than drawer knobs and can be used in both traditional and contemporary atmospheres, depending on the tone of the project.


PullCast has a range of drawer handles, with intricated textures and sublime designs, suitable for various contexts. Browse through the online shop and discover all the in-stock options available.


Turtle Drawer Handle + Skyline Drawer Handle + Kesya Drawer Handle


Elegant Drawer Hardware Solutions by PullCast

Drawer Pulls

Similar to drawer handles but longer and narrower, door pulls are also attached to the drawer with two screws. They are preferable for larger pieces of furniture, such as dressers and cabinets. If you are looking for exclusive drawer pulls, carefully designed and thoroughly crafted, you may want to consider PullCast‘s extraordinary hardware.


Natica Drawer Pull + Whiko Drawer Pull + Caviar Drawer Pull

Door handles, knocks, or pulls: what will you choose? Consider the drawer size, the style of the furniture, and the overall concept of your project to make the right decision. At PullCast online shop, you will find a wide range of ready-to-ship hardware available in different finishes and designs, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any project.

To get to know all designs available to order, don’t forget to check PullCast’s catalog. Do you know PullCast offers a bespoke service to fulfill your most specific needs? Reach out to its team of hardware experts and ask about it!



What do you think about these ready-to-ship elegant drawer hardware solutions? PullCast online shop has a myriad of high-quality design products in stock, for you to use in your interior design projects. Stay tuned to PullCast Blog, where we’ll keep sharing the latest news about the jewelry hardware world. Follow us on Facebook,  Pinterestand  Instagram for more updates on those subjects.

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