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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020 ⇒  Minimalism is an increasingly popular design style that seems to suit all kinds of bathrooms, regardless of their size, structure and the owner's personal preferences. If you want to renovate your bathroom into a minimalistic design, take a look at our suggestions and start planning!


Use Cement As The Base

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020


Natural materials such as cement are perfect for a minimalist bathroom as they provide a sense of rawness to the room and don't need a lot of decor items to stand out. If you don't care for this material you can try quartz or marble as well.


Choose The Accent Colors Carefully

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020


The accent colors of your bathroom will most likely belong to decor items, shelves and cabinetry, thus it is imperative that they complement the main colors, which will be the floor and wall shades. Wood is a safe choice as it looks effortlessly good with any palette and there are a lot of different shades to choose from.


Pay Attention To Hardware

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020



Although hardware is something that's often overlooked when designing a bathroom, choosing the right pieces to fit your style is the key for them to look like decor items and embellish your space. PullCast's Kesya Cabinet Handle perfectly fits the natural vibe of this minimalist bathroom while complementing the wooden cabinet as well.


Don't Expose Your Piping

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020


Minimalism also applies to plumbing and piping. Everything must be hidden, as free-standing bathtubs and transparent shower doors become more and more used. Make sure the piping from your sink is either hidden as well.


Less Is More, Even When Decorating

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For 2020


Since minimalism is connected to sustainability, plants are the way to go when decorating a minimalist bathroom. As for objects, make sure that they don't contrast too much with the style of your bathroom and that their colors aren't too bright or different from your current palette.


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