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Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity ⇒  There is great importance in designing a home office correctly, as the color palette, lighting situation and even furniture disposition have a big impact on your productivity. PullCast offers you some Office Design Ideas to take into consideration when setting up your new office so that you can be focused for longer.


Don't Clutter Your Workspace

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity


More clutter means more things to distract yourself with while working, and that means less productivity and fewer things that get done in your workday. Keep only the essentials in your line of vision, such as your desk space, and include some shelving units to accommodate everything else.


Natural Lighting is Key

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity


Natural lighting makes people feel more relaxed and happy and it helps boost their performance levels, so make sure you position your workspace near a window, whether facing it directly or to the side, and use sheer blinds to let all the light into the office.


The Influence of Color Palettes

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity


You might notice that most office spaces' color palettes are filled with muted shades, neutrals and some minimal pops of color. That's because these types of colors actually make you feel more relaxed, making them great for jobs which require a lot of mental work, such as most desk jobs. However, if you have a more active or creative job that doesn't put as much strain on the brain, then brighter colors are better. If you want the best of both worlds, then use green, as it boosts creative thinking overall and helps put you in a positive mental state.


Plants And Animals Boost Productivity

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity


Plants are linked to an increase in performance, and thus having one nearby might actually help you be more focused and think more creatively. As for animals, fish, for example, provide you with a sense of relaxation that can minimize stress and make you more focused.


Organize Your Files Elegantly

Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity


It's obvious that an efficient office space must have an efficient storage system, but the matter here is to store your files sophisticatedly. Instead of the old metal office furniture, use a bookshelf like the one in the picture and a couple of baskets to keep everything organized in a way that won't feel like you're actually in an office.


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